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After gallivanting in Tokyo for seven days, it’s time I tell you all of my favorite spots.

Tokyo was short, sweet, umami, and everything else you can think electric.

I went the first week of November and surprisingly the weather was quite pleasant - no wool jacket or layers needed, maybe a light cardigan or blazer. I loved walking down the streets day and night and not having to worry about drizzles like I usually have to in Vancouver.

Below is a recap of my must visit spots!



We stayed at Pearl Hotel in Shinjuku. The hotel was very convenient to the station (Akebonobashi Station) and was a 5 minute walk away. The hotel is on a cute little street with a 7-11 right beside and some local restaurants nearby. It is a little further away from Shibuya/Harajuku area and travel time was about 20-25 minutes from those neighbourhoods. The hotel itself is extremely clean and the room is perfect for one person (a TINY bit uncomfortable for two but doable). I’d rate this hotel 8/10 or solo travelers.

You can check them out here: http://bit.ly/2QppfO6


I actually didn’t go shopping too much since my main focus was to enjoy the culture, and food. However, if you love vintage shopping, I highly recommend the following shops.

Chicago, multiple locations – you’ll have to dig but the prices are fair and there are a lot of unique items you can find in the store http://bit.ly/2NPxscy

Flamingo, multiple locations – Same deal as Chicago, you can find cute items here as well. A lot of adorable dresses and dress shirts. http://bit.ly/2qUlQME

My all time favorite neighbourhood to walk around in was Shimokitazawa… Hands down, one of the cutest neighborhoods in Tokyo. It isn't brimming with tourists like the renowned areas like Shibuya and Harajuku. The shops are quaint and there are many boutiques with amazing prices.

If you’re looking for more of budget friendly place and want to buy souvenirs like wasabi and sake flavored kitkats, and maybe even snag a 10 dollar bottle of shoju/sake, this is the place to go: Don Quijote Don Quijote, multiple locations - http://bit.ly/33QRFUV


Midori Sushi – A bit of a wait (get there 30+ minutes before and make sure you grab a number right away from the ticket machine outside the restaurant). Sushi is decently priced and is super fresh. Highly recommend. http://bit.ly/2rSjBK4

Prestigious Yakitori – Okay, I’m going to encourage anyone who visits Tokyo to go here. This was my first meal in Tokyo and I craved it every single day until I left. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go back but I would go there multiple times the next time I go back to Tokyo. Beef tongue, tripe, grilled chicken thighs with onion, blistered green peppers, fresh cucumber pieces, steak bits, all on skewers and beautifully accompanied by rice and cold beer. I’m drooling thinking about it. http://bit.ly/2XrzcvM

Rojiura Curry – Another highlight of my trip – this curry place. 20 types of vegetables and so mouth wateringly delicious. Would eat again and again and again. http://bit.ly/2KCv9b4

Food from 7-11 (aka Konbini food) - You’re probably thinking, “huh? Really? that makes the list?” Oh, yes it does. They sell everything from bento boxes to delicious noodle cups to onigiri (delicious rice balls wrapped in seaweed and stuffed with different types of fish or vegetable. Essentially a very large sushi :))


Team Labs Borderless - One of the main reasons why I flew over to Tokyo - this surreal place took my breath away. Each room has a different theme and lighting exhibit and I highly recommend anyone visiting to check this out. I also advise you to go right when door opens. We still waited a good 15-20 minutes. When we left three to four hours later, the lineup was around the block. http://bit.ly/2qsvXIt

I recommend walking around neighbourhood to neighbourhood - the train travel costs are surprisingly expensive and it does add up quick.

I hope you enjoyed this recap of Tokyo and helps your planning in any way! :)

Lots of love!



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